Ganglion Impar Block

Ganglion Impar Block with SpineMed Specialists in Wichita

At SpineMed Specialists in Wichita, KS, we provide a range of pain management services, including Ganglion Impar Blocks. Our team of experienced physicians understands the debilitating nature of chronic perineal or pelvic pain and is here to help.

Ganglion Impar Block is a medical procedure used to alleviate chronic perineal or pelvic pain. The Ganglion Impar, also known as the ganglion of Walther, is a small cluster of nerves located near the coccyx or tailbone. It serves as a central hub for transmitting pain signals from the perineal and pelvic regions to the brain.

During a Ganglion Impar Block, a local anesthetic or medication is injected near the Ganglion Impar to disrupt the transmission of pain signals. This can provide temporary or long-lasting pain relief for individuals suffering from conditions such as chronic pelvic pain, coccydynia (tailbone pain), or certain types of cancer-related pain.

If you are experiencing chronic perineal or pelvic pain, contact us today for more information. We can provide you with personalized guidance, explain the procedure in detail, and discuss how they can assist you in managing your specific pain condition.

Ganglion Impar Block in Wichita