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(316) 733-9393

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(877) 892-9679

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How is your treatment different?
We perform all of our procedures in a surgery center setting. This enables us to treat patients in a manner we believe is more comprehensive, safe, and accurate than when performed in an office setting. We perform a wide range of different injections for many different types of pain.
How can I refer a patient?

You can refer a patient by contacting our office.

Do you require patients to discontinue any medications?

We require that certain blood thinners be discontinued before a procedure. This is a complete list of all restricted blood thinners, and how long before your procedure they should be stopped. ALWAYS CHECK WITH YOUR PRESCRIBING DOCTOR BEFORE STOPPING ANY MEDICATION.

Prepare the patient for their visit

We have created a useful resources page for patients complete with useful information, check lists, and more.